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  • Designing Safe Spaces for Neuropathy Sufferers If you have peripheral neuropathy, creating a safe living environment can help prevent potentially dangerous injuries and falls.
  • Sun Protection from Head to Toe Want to protect your skin and eyes from damage during the long Tucson summer? Of course you do! Dr. Alan Shih offers this refresher course on safety in the sun.
  • Say Goodbye to Severe Joint Pain in Toes There’s a new treatment option for severe, chronic arthritic pain in your toes! Synthetic cartilage implants are helping our patients eliminate their discomfort, wear normal shoes, and enjoy their favorite activities once again.
  • What You Need to Summit Your Latest Sports Challenge Planning to run a marathon? Bike up Mount Lemmon? Head to Toe Healthcare has some advice on how to meet and exceed your sports, fitness, and activity goals.
  • Bunion Surgery Tucson AZ You heard the expression, Oh my aching feet and my dogs are barking, when people complain about foot pain for some especially women the sources that pain comes from having bunions.
  • Heel spurs treatment Heel spurs are protruding of tiny calcium deposits which normally develop at the base of a human heel bone.
  • Neuropathy treatment at Neuropathy treatment at Head to Toe Healthcare, PLC
  • Ingrown Toenails Ingrown toenails (Onychocryptosis) are caused by ingrowths of edges of toenails into the skin, which exerts pressure causing inflammation.
  • Foot Pain Treatment in Tucson Foot Pain Treatment in Tucson | Neuromodulation Treatment
  • What to know about bunions Do you have any idea about what bunions are? Well if not here is the right place for you, a bunion is a bump that protrude at the side of the big toe and...