Dancing with the Stars Kim Kardashian suffers a foot laceration

When Kim Kardashian suffered a foot laceration from a piece of broken glass, dialing 911 may have been excessive, even if she was expected to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

Dancing with the Stars Kim KardashianRegardless, cuts are a common foot injury.  If you sustain a minor cut, wash the area with soap and water, perhaps a topical antiseptic.  Then cover the cut with a bandage.  Minor cuts can take several minutes to stop bleeding, apply pressure to the cut to stop the bleeding.  Most minor cuts will heal on their own if kept clean and covered. 

If you suffer anything other than a superficial cut, see a doctor.  A culture and sensitivity test may be ordered, perhaps an anti-biotic dispensed.  Sometimes a tetanus injection is necessary.  Some lacerations require sutures.  If a foreign body is embedded in your foot, do not try to remove it alone, as you could make the condition worse.  Seek medical attention right away.

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