7 Gifts Everyone Can Give Their Eyes

Eye HealthMore people are concerned about “avoidable blindness” in their aging years than they are about heart disease, diabetes and respiratory distress.

This news is just out from EFAB, European Forum Against Blindness who published their findings of more than 5,000 people.

The interesting point about this study is that people are aware that blindness in old age is “avoidable.” In fact, like many chronic diseases, it should be the exception not the rule.

In this particular forum, the people wanted more government intervention to provide health care services for diagnostic purposes. Diagnostic tests have their place.

As many of us know there is a correlation between responsibility and control. The more responsibility we take for our health care, the more control we will have.

If you are willing to do the minimal effort to stay on top of your eye care, you will reap the rewards of optimal vision for life. We have the tools and treatments available to help people take care of their eyes for life. But it is a team effort, the health care team and the individual working together, each doing what they are responsible for, to take the best care of eyes.

Here are 7 Fabulous Gifts you can give your eyes this year. If they sound familiar, they are! We’ve included some new studies in here to persuade the skeptic that this really is the way to go to have the best sight for life.

Don’t be fooled, most of what it takes in life is the simple, tried and true principles. But never mistake simple for easy. Just like everything else, a person needs a certain amount of stick-to-it-iveness to do the simple things consistently and reap the rewards of their effort.

1. Get your annual checkup. After 40 years of age, everyone should be coming in for an annual eye exam unless they are otherwise instructed.

Health conditions such as diabetes and blood pressure may constitute the occasional extra visit to make sure all is well.

2. Stop smoking.

More studies are emphasizing the correlation between smoking and glaucoma, cataract development and macular degeneration. If you have not stopped but want to, check in to see the resources available to help. We realize this is a tough bird to beat! However, stopping smoking in 2012 will do wonders for your health in the years after.

3. A gift for someone else: Check in on aging parents, grandparents or other family members to ensure they have taken care of their eye care.

It’s easy for older adults to bypass vision care due to lack of funds, forgetfulness or the commonly heard “I don’t want to be a burden.” But studies show that decreased vision is directly correlated to increased falls and other health hazards. Help your loved one by ensuring appointments have been made and prescriptions are filled. Ask them if there has been changes in their ability to see.

4. Take advantage of all your healthcare coverage before the year ends.

It is easy to overlook this as the hustle and bustle of the season hits. But don’t leave money on the table when you could update your eyewear or receive reimbursement for treatment.

5. Make sure your supplements include nutrients that benefit the eyes.

If you do take supplements, make sure they include fish oil, flaxseed oil, lutein or zinc. These all benefit the eyes directly, helping the retinal cells and other eye cells work at their peak performance levels.

6. Maintain excellent nutrition.

We covered this in last month’s main article - refer back to it for an update on good foods for eyes.

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