How can you prevent common foot ailments? What should you do when you have chronic ankle pain? Our blog addresses commonly asked questions about foot health as well as overall healthy habits and fun events around the Tucson area!

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  • Why Is Diabetes So Dangerous for Feet? Diabetes is linked with devastating foot complications, including those that can lead to amputation. But why is it so dangerous? Dr. Alan Shih of Tucson explains.
  • 7 Tips for Preventing Heel Pain From replacing bad shoes to modifying your activities, Dr. Alan Shih in Tucson offers seven effective strategies for keeping your heel pain from coming back.
  • How to Prevent Toenail Fungus Dr. Alan Shih in Tucson shares some simple, practical tips that you can use to reduce your risk of developing an unsightly fungal toenail infection.
  • Designing Safe Spaces for Neuropathy Sufferers If you have peripheral neuropathy, creating a safe living environment can help prevent potentially dangerous injuries and falls.
  • Exercising with Neuropathy Regular exercise is extremely important if you have neuropathy, but also difficult and potentially dangerous. Dr. Alan Shih offers tips on how you can exercise safely—and also how advanced treatments can help restore nerve function.
  • 6 Awesome Benefits of Custom Orthotics Why all the fuss about custom orthotics? They work! Dr. Alan Shih talks about some of the biggest benefits for people with hurting feet.
  • Sun Protection from Head to Toe Want to protect your skin and eyes from damage during the long Tucson summer? Of course you do! Dr. Alan Shih offers this refresher course on safety in the sun.
  • Head to Toe Healthcare is Growing! Please excuse our mess! We’re renovating and expanding our office, which means more comfort, shorter wait times, and better care for all our patients!
  • Healthy Eating Tips from Head to Toe What you put in determines what you get out! Dr. Zuraida Zainalabidin and Dr. Alan Shih and cover how to eat right for long-term eye and foot health.
  • Say Goodbye to Severe Joint Pain in Toes There’s a new treatment option for severe, chronic arthritic pain in your toes! Synthetic cartilage implants are helping our patients eliminate their discomfort, wear normal shoes, and enjoy their favorite activities once again.