How can you prevent common foot ailments? What should you do when you have chronic ankle pain? Our blog addresses commonly asked questions about foot health as well as overall healthy habits and fun events around the Tucson area!

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  • Bunion Surgery Tucson AZ You heard the expression, Oh my aching feet and my dogs are barking, when people complain about foot pain for some especially women the sources that pain comes from having bunions.
  • Diabetic Neuropathy Neuropathy can be a huge burden for people living with diabetes. There is hope though, contact Head to Toe Health Care to learn about your treatment options.
  • Dellon Nerve Decompression Neuropathy can be a very painful disorder but nerve decompression can help mask the pain. Contact Head to Toe Health Care today for treatment options.
  • Neuropathy Treatment Treating underlying conditions can often times relieve neuropathy symptoms. To learn more about treatment options contact Head to Toe Health Care today.
  • Small Fiber Peripheral Neuropathy The small nerve fibers are closest to the skin and can cause a variety of symptoms. Contact Head to Toe Health Care for information about treatment options.
  • Foot Drop: Common Peroneal Nerve Compression of the common peroneal nerve can go largely unnoticed; until foot drop occurs. Contact Head to Toe Health Care for treatment options.
  • Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Poor circulation can cause pain and other complications. If you have peripheral arterial disease, contact Head to Toe Health Care to learn about risk factors.
  • Pain Free after Treatment I have been 80% pain free... this is almost a miracle!
  • Amazing Experience It has been a really amazing experience. Not only is the staff extremely friendly, very helpful.
  • Tucson Podiatrist Experience Was Fantastic When I was younger I used to wear cowboy boots, for most of my life. From that I ended up with a problem with ingrown toenails.