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Annual Eye Exams

Dr. Zuraida Zainalabidin
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Eye ExamsThe number of people suffering from loss of vision continues to surge by disturbing figures yet three quarter of the cases can be prevented. To protect both you and your loved ones from this preventable menace is going to have an annual eye check up is very important. Annual exams makes it possible for the optician to detect any problems with your contact lens or glasses so that changes can be effected immediately.

Additionally, your eye expert also needs to check the rare side of your eye, the retina, to ensure that it is not affected or showing any symptoms of an infection, not damaged and ensure it is healthy.

If diagnosed early enough, most of the eye ailments that lead to blindness can be successfully treated and hence prevent blindness. Checking your eyes regularly, for instance annual eye care can lead to the discovery of both eye and other body problems. You risk being a victim of disability and low productivity if these problems are not detected at their initial stages and treated. Minimizing adverse impacts on your vision, eyes and other potential problems by detecting them before they get out of control are the main goals of annual eye exams. This prevents them from getting worse and eventually leading to loss of sight.

The most common eye condition that has been witnessed in recent years is the need to alter vision of the eye with spectacles also known as refractive error. Short sightedness also known as myopia that affects about 30% of the population, long-sightedness also known as hyperopia and astigmatism are the three main refractive errors experienced in the modern day. Astigmatism is a condition whereby there is an even curvature of the cornea that results in the distortion of visions. This condition affects about fifty to sixty percent of the population.

Another common condition is the Presbyopia, which is closely related to old age. The condition makes one to entirely depend on bifocals for a clear vision. It mostly begins when one hits the ages of forty five to fifty years and affects about 90% of the people around that age gap.

A recently done survey found out that about 53 percent of the Americans population use corrective lenses. A loss of clear vision of the eyes’ lens also known as Cataracts is estimated to be experienced by about 40% of those in the age gap between 50 to 65 years. But, only about 10% of those affected by cataracts suffer loss of vision. However, it is common for anyone hitting the ages of 70 to 80 years to experience cataracts. The good news is that if cataracts is detected early can be surgically removed even as an outpatient with about 99% of the operations involving cataracts being successful. 

Ailments such as high blood pressure and diabetes can also be discovered by checking up the eyes. Additionally, there are multiple retinal diseases and infections of the eye that cause loss of vision that can be detected by examining the eyes and taken care of before they become lethal. Furthermore, some side effects Associated with some drugs sometimes may also be discovered when eye examinations are done. Notably, early detection is a major issue in sight preservation and treatment. So go for annual eye exams to protect both you and your loved ones from adverse effects of eye problems or even worse loss of vision. 

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