Arizona Cardinals RB Wells Placed on Injured Reserve

It's a bummer, Cardinal fans were expecting a big season of Beanie.  He's a first round draft pick coming off his best season, where he rushed for over 1000 yards on a bum knee.  The toe injury was sustained during the Philadelphia game, while the Cards scored a W, it cost us our starting running back who won't be back until late November at the earliest.  Turf toe is a tough injury for running backs or positions that require explosive running.

sessamoid fractureAs a fan of the Arizona Cardinals, the home town team, its good to know that this injury is unlikely to require surgery.  Its also good to know that he didn't sustain a sessamoid fracture, which can take considerably longer to heal and sometimes requires surgery.  Make no mistake, turf toe is a painful injury even for tough NFL running backs like Wells who goes about 6-foot-2 and 229 pounds.

A turf toe is a strain/sprain of the ligaments and attachments surrounding the big toe.  Like other strains, the ligaments and attachments extend beyond their normal range, and injury ensues.  Typical treatments include decreased activity, strapping and taping, perhaps immobilization in a cast, anti-inflammatory medications, and sometimes orthotics.  However, some newer treatments may be helpful. 

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy, Amniomatrix therapy, and laser therapy come to my mind as possible treatments worth exploring.  In my Tucson Foot & Ankle clinic, we commonly treat big toe pain, sometimes this is caused by turf toe, ingrown nails, bunions, or hallux rigidus.  To learn more about these and other common foot conditions, order our free "Got Feet" book.

Tucson Podiatrist Dr. Shih actively seeks to offer the most advanced treatments available, to get you back into your game, or just on with your life. 

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