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You heard the expression, Oh my aching feet and my dogs are barking, when people complain about foot pain for some especially women the sources that pain comes from having bunions.


But for news tucson Shawn Mooney reports  many are hesitant to seek out and get relief.


Well bunions can be a results of genetics or a medical condition most form by wearing narrow fitting shoes like high heels over extended period of time. Surgery can correct the problem but according to a podiatrist here in Tucson, many cases people continue to suffer instead of eeking treatment.


There’s a lot of stories out there that are takes a year to recover from bunion surgery or continual pain afterwards or a bad decision.


Dr. Alan Shih with Head to Toe Healthcare understand why people may fear having bunion surgery after all it does involved in operation on your feet. The bunions forms as a bump on the side of the big toe joint the bunion worsens as the bone continues to turn it in. And crouching the other toes Dr. Shih says bunion surgery corrects the condition.


Typically, we shape bone down open time there’s a cut in the bone to shape the bone over. We have to release some tissue in the area too to strengthen the toe and often time that we shift the bone over its fixated with the screw.


Dr. Shih says when the procedure and the treatment that follows are done correctly pain is kept to a minimum and most patients are completely healed and back on their feet in 6 to 8 weeks.


Diane Evans suffered with bunions on both of her feet for years despite having around reservations about the surgery when one of the bunions developed a cyst on top of it, she know it was time to have the procedure done.


And she is now glad she did. “I can see the difference in my foot, the strenghtness, how we strengthen it out. I can see that when the swelling goes totally down it's gonna be pretty much back to normal”


It is exciting to see people life changed, and people have pain along time and getting back to driving and doing things that they loved to do.


Diane Evans says, she’s now planning to have the bunion corrected in her other foot for more information for bunion surgery go to Health to Toe Health Care for your health page at KVOA.com

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