Cellulite: What is it and what can you do about it?

CelluliteWhat most of us know as cellulite is actually its outward symptom: dimpled, orange-peel skin. But contrary to the popular belief that it’s just a particularly unattractive skin condition, cellulite is actually a dysfunction of our underlying connective tissues. Although cellulite IS a form of fat, its causes and cures have little to do with diet, exercise or lifestyle. It can result from a complex combination of factors ranging from hormones to heredity.

It is estimated that 95% of women over age 20 will develop some degree of cellulite. And that includes naturally thin women, ultra-slender super-models, women devoted to a healthy lifestyle and diet, and toned athletes. Cellulite often develops at times of hormonal change, including adolescence and during pregnancy. Aging can also worsen its appearance, as the skin tends to thin, making cellulite more noticeable.

The never-ending pursuit to end cellulite has produced many lotions, potions, pills, supplements and even anti-cellulite shoes and blue jeans that end in frustration and no results. Cellulite, although thought of as fat, cannot be addressed by weight-reducing methods (diet and exercise) alone. Although exercise tones muscles, burns calories, and increases blood flow, it does not target cellulite specifically. A sensible diet that is low in fat and rich in antioxidants and adequate water intake may help prevent the formation of cellulite, but cannot reduce it once formed. Liposuction can improve the contour of the body by removing fat cells, but it does not address the underlying cause, the connective tissue, and therefore cannot permanently reduce or remove cellulite.

So, to truly combat cellulite it must be targeted at its source, on a cellular level. Precisely targeting the surface layer of trapped fat, Cellupulse safely and effectively revitalize lymphatic and venous exchanges, reconditioning skin’s epidermis, dermis and hypodermis (layers that contain collagen, elastin and keratin).  Cellupulse treatments powerfully, yet gently penetrate the connective tissue, increase circulation; improve collagen production and improve tissue elasticity.



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