Heel spurs treatment

Heel spurs are protruding of tiny calcium deposits which normally develop at the base of a human heel bone. They are normally caused by activities that are done repetitively such as running or even dancing. In some minor cases, heel spurs can form due to infection with plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the ligaments in the base of your foot. The bone is designed to heal itself in case there is an inflammation affecting its tissues and because it is mainly made up of calcium, it sometimes produces excess of them causing heel spurs.

Heel spurs treatment

The main symptoms of heel spurs include pain in the heel during a running or jogging exercise, sitting for a long time. This condition does not cure magically, though you can follow the following simple steps to reduce the pain and finally cure them completely.

1. subject The affected heel into an icy condition

This can be done by placing ice your heel for around fifteen minutes and twice a day. This helps in soothing out the pain in your heel and reduces the activity of the cells at this point hence reducing the impact of the signal sent to the brain on the amount of damage in your knee pain which results in a prompt to manufacture more calcium on the affected area which will eventually cause heel spurs. Also using ice on an infected body parts will ease the pain as the cells will be immobilized and will tend to be numb. If the steps are repeated for around a month, it should be in a position to cure spurs.

2. Take pain killers

Since this condition causes a lot of pain, it is a recommendation that one should take over the counter medicine which eases the pain as even if you are on a routine cure plan, the pain will still persist for some time thus it is needed to serve the purpose as the other treatment take effect slowly.

3. Get some rest

In most cases, heel spurs are caused by stress on the knees hence one of the cure of this condition is to take a conditional rest for a longer time of the day in order to give the body time to deal with the problem. On the other hand, you should be in a position to think about the possible causes and avoid them so as the affected parts of the body will be free from contact of the causative agents. If you find out that your socks have a poor shock absorption capability, looking for a better pair of socks can save the situation.

4. Wear night splints

These provides stretching effect on your fascia while you are at rest or sleeping. Wearing a device which consist of an L-shape will constrain the kneel in its position as you are a sleep hence it will help them cure with time without any strain and pain since they are used at night only.

In addition to the above steps, performing some exercises will strengthen the body parts that are engaged in most of the time. so it is a recommendation that you should involve your schedule with some exercise performance for around half an hour daily depending on the type of your work and heel spurs problem will be something of the past.

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