The Tucson marathon is coming in early December.  It seems that everyone is doing a marathon these days, either for charity or to meet personal fitness goals.

Its often exciting and emplowering-but if you're not wearing the proper footwear-lingering foot woes will be the most memorable part of your event.

Wrong Footwear: a culprit in foot injuries

Numerous athletes are sidelined due to foot injuries, which could be due to poor choices in footwear.  With the right information, some good home remedies, you can actually take control of many of the sports injuries common among athletes.

Sports Injuries

Tips to preventing common Sports Injuries

(1) Learn what is the Correct shoe for you

If you stretch properly and wear the correct shoe for your sport, you will avoid a lot of foot injuries.  If you don't warm up before a run and your shoes are worn down, your feet are gonna hurt; its as simple as that.

What are correct sports shoes?  Look for:

Side suppport if you play basketball or tennis.

Focus on the thickness of the sole to absorb shock.  Incidentally, Dr. Shih is not a fan of minimalist shoes for running.  While it may be ideal to have a sport specific shoe such as running, basketball, or tennis shoe; cross-training shoes may be appropriate in some instances.

(2) Ice, NSAIDs and rest - Quick Remedies for Foot Pain

While a podiatrist can assess the cause of your foot pain and most appropriate treatment, ice and an anti-inflammatory agent such as ibuprofen can often calm common sports injuries.  This may work for plantar fasciitis a foot injury, in which the heel tissue becomes inflammed, painful and very sore.

Tylenol is prefered over ibuprofen for stress fractures, which are common in runners.

TIP:  Custom orthotics are highly effective in reducing sore feet and reducing mechanical stress on your feet.

(3) Release the Pressure in Runners Toe

Runners toe is a common problem caused by your foot jamming into the front of an ill-fitting shoe.  This often causes irritation and bruising under the toenail.  The toenail may become black and fall off.  If it doesn't, it will build up with blood under the nail.  Either you or your podiatrist can release the pressure.

If these home remedies don't help your injuries, get a specialist to examine you.  Look for those with good reviews such as Head to Toe Healthcare, PLC in Tucson which has both an optometrist (for eye injuries) and a podiatrist.



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