While Dwayne Wayde's buddy and teammate LeBron James is gearing up to win gold at the 2012 London Olympics, Wayde's foot fettish is painting his toenails, most recently with Matte black paint. 

Dwayne Wayde with Black toenailsEarlier this year, Wade had a huge birthday bash in Miami to celebrate his 30th birthday, with performances by Kelly Rowland, Common, T.I. and Rick Ross.  Perhaps for his early midlife crisis, getting a $229K new sports car, a McLaren MP4-12C in Fire Black (a color he seems to like) is fitting.  However, painting your toenails black?  I know you just won a NBA championship, but really Dwayne?

Typically, when you think of black toenails in basketball players, you think of a bruised nail plate, or subungal hematoma in medical speak.  The trauma of another player stepping on the toe or just your foot ramming into the end of the shoe can cause this common condition.  If you have a mild case and only a small portion of your nail turns black, you stand a good chance of keeping your nail.  However, if a large portion of the nail turns black, you may lose your nail.  Typically, you'd lose your nail a few months after the event.  Toenails take quite a big of time to grown back, plan on a year as a conservative estimate in growing from the base to the tip of the toe.  If the condition is caught early enough, a podiatrist may be able to help keep the nail attached. 

In my Tucson Podiatry Practice I see several black toenails.  I'd say few are due to black nail polish as Dwayne Wade has been sporting lately.  Most are due to either the bruising of the toe nails, very common in runners or other athletes.  However, some black nails have a component of fungus.  Yuck, I know!  Typically, most people have poor results in treating nail fungus with topical treatments.  Old school treatments involve removing the nail which can be painful, or taking a pill that can cause significant liver damage.  However, there is a new treatment that you may not be aware of that involves using a laser to treat nail fungus

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