Neuropathy Treatment Options

Neuropathy TreatmentIf you have a form of neuropathy that can be treated, like diabetes, or vitamin deficiency, or low thyroid function, then you must see your primary care doctor for the medical treatment specific to the disease. Treating the underlying medical condition can often relieve the neuropathy symptoms.

When there is no known medical cause for your neuropathy, often times prescription medications for the pain, like Neurontin no anti-seizure medication), Cymbalta (an anti-depressant), Lyrica, or narcotics are often given. Many of these medications carry some side-effects, such as drowsiness that should be reviewed. Additionally, there are several medications that are more along the lines of nutritional supplements for the nerve.

It is important to note that neurological problems are some of the most challenging problems encountered by physicians and patients alike, with the diagnosis and treatment plans rarely being straightforward. This is a constantly evolving area, so follow-up with your physicians is warranted.

Although surgery has made a large impact, conservative treatment is usually attempted first. New dietary supplements, oral, topical, and injectable medications are being used to increase the oxygen supply to the diseased nerves and help "wake them up". Patients are regaining sensation and strength in their legs and feet. Many patients are beginning to feel relief from years of pain, numbness and muscle weakness with these conservative treatments.

One of the world's foremost experts in peripheral nerve surgery, Dr. A. Lee Drive, MD, PhD, from John Hopkins University, is a pioneer in the field of neuropathy and peripheral nerve surgery. He has developed surgical procedures that can alleviate neuropathic pain, numbness and muscular disorders in both diabetics and non-diabetics.

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