Watching the closing ceremony of the 2012 Loondon Olympics, a few moments come to mind in reflection.  One of those Olympic moments that keeps you proud to be an American, was watching Mitchell run the first leg of the men's 4x400 m relay on a broken leg to easily qualify for the finals.  Unfortunately for the US, they later lost to the Bahamas, but did win Silver for the US in the finals.

fibular fractureMitchell heard it pop past the 200 m mark, but not wanting to leg his teammates or country down, he endured the pain to make his baton handoff with a pretty amazing split of 45 seconds on a broken leg!  With radiographs after the race confirming a fibular fracture, Mitchell will be in a cast for the next several weeks.

There are two long bones that make up the leg below the knee.  The primary weight-bearing bone is the tibia.  While the fibula is primarily non-weight bearing, it does provide stabilization to the ankle joint.  It runs on the outside of the leg and is the smaller bone.  The type and location of inijury determines if the best treatment would be casting or involve surgical correctin.  Improperly treated fibular fractures can lead to ankle arthritis or instability, or possibly nerve damage to the leg.  Therefore, always seek medical advice from these types of fractures.  Leg fractures are not the most common running injury,learn about various running injuries in our complementary Gotta Run? book. 

Tucson Podiatrist Dr. Shih has several non-surgical treatment options to help accelerate healing and get you back to running.  If you have a foot fracture, ingrown toenail, or just pain in your feet; learn how Head to Toe Healthcare, PLC can help you!

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