Plantar Fasciitis may cause problems for LA Lakers

The Lakers with their host of Super stars Nash, Kobe, Howard, & Gasol originally had very high expectations coming into this year's season, but have had a very difficult season to say the least.  Recently, a right foot MRI revealed Pau Gasol to have plantar fasciitis, a painful, but common foot injury.  With a host of treatments available to NBA player Gasol, and with the possibility of Howard being suspended for a flagrant 2 foul.  Tucson Podiatrist Dr. Shih suspects the Laker's organization may consider treatments such as laser theapy, PRP or Amniomatrix injections, or perhaps acoustic wave therapy to get Gasol on the hardwood as soon as possible.

Plantar FasciitisIt's a pity for Laker nation that they got this news about Gasol, as he was coming off onoe of his best games this season, scoring 19 points with 6 rebounds and 5 assists against Denver (in a loss), all after 8 games of sitting out.

The good news is this condition rarely needs surgery.  Also, at least the Lakers aren't loosing Gasol to a trade!  To learn more, order a free book Got Feet? or complementary Gotta Run? Book.  The mainstay of this treatment is decreased activity, custom orthotics, stretching, and supportive shoes.  Head to Toe Healthcare, PLC treats several patients with this condition, most of which get considerable relief without surgery.  Occasionally, Dr. Shih's Tucson Foot & Ankle clinic is involved in a clinical trial involving heel pain, check their website frequently to find out what clinical trials may be available.


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