What do golf and basketball sensations Tiger & Shaq have in common?

Tiger & Shaq have in common

Both have suffered from Achilles injury.  Recently, Tiger Woods was forced to withdraw from the 2012 WGC-Cadillac championships due to Achilles pain.  Many athletes suffer from Achilles tendon injuries, since it is a structure that undergoes tremendous strain and due to a relative lack of blood flow is susceptible to injury.  Shaquille O'neil has undergone Achilles tendon reinforcement surgery, after sustaining a 9 cm tear.  Depending on the severity of injury, advanced treatment options may include PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Amniomatrix, Shockwave therapy, Laser therapy, or sugical repair.  Learn more about non-surgical advanced treatments at: http://www.healpainsolutions.com

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