What to know about bunions

bunionsDo you have any idea about what bunions are? Well if not here is the right place for you, a bunion is a bump that protrude at the side of the big toe and this is due to the changes in the bony structures at the front part of the feet, the big toe should be pointing straight ahead but it bends towards the second toe and the bones are thrown out of alignment thus producing a bunion.

This is a disorder that is progressive whereby which begins with bending of the bending of the big toe and changing the structure of the bones slowly as time goes by then it produces a bump, however the type of footwear does not necessarily a major cause of bunions but it triggers it, more so there are a number of foot types that are prone to bunions for instance the feet with, loose joints and tendons, and flat feet. Also it is also characterized with arthritis which causes damage in the cartilage that is in between the feet.

More so are also prone to bunions during the pregnancy period whereby there are hormonal changes in their bodies and this loosens the ligaments and also flatten the feet, also bunions can be formed when there is in the joints and tendons due to the disruption of normal balance of forces that are exerted on the joints and tendons of the feet.

The signs and symptoms of bunions are includes, the possible shift of the big toe towards the other toes, feeling pain when walking, redness in the joint and pain, restricted movement or painful movement of the big toe, a firm bump is developed on the outside edge of the foot, numbness and burning sensation at the joints.

Since bunions reduce the quality of life it should be treated to avoid further complications and also to prevent them from progressing further, there are a number of ways of treating the bunions and once the doctor has seen the bunion the treatment plan is then developed. Surgery can be avoided in that there are a number of ways that can be used apart from the surgery but if the non surgical methods fail then the surgical method will be applied.

The non surgical methods of treatment that are normally used are like, using shoe inserts that can help in preventing the progress of the deformity, this method is used when the it is still in the early stages, also the physical therapy can be used which is normally used to relieve the bunion pain, in order to reduce the pain also the cortisone injections and the anti inflammatory drugs are used.

More so there are some home treatments that are used to ease the pain in the bunions for instance the use of ice pack wrapped with a towel for a number of times so as to reduce the swelling of the bunion, also you should wear the right kind of shoe in that it will enable the feet to have enough space and no pressure is applied on the side of the feet.

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