Dr. Shih's advanced training with Dr. Dellon

Dr. A. Lee Dellon, MD, PhD is arguably the world's foremost authority in Peripheral Nerve Surgery.  He has dedicated a life's work to understanding and treating nerve pain.  Following graduation from John Hopkins School of Medicine in 1970, he completed 8 years of additional training including 2 years of research with the National Institutes of Health.  Currently a Professor of Plastic Surgery & Neurosurgery at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine & the University of Arizona.  Doctor Dellon has won fifteen national research awards, authored 72 book chapters, and published more than 375 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

He recently received a PhD for his basic science and clinical research into the surgical treatment of compressed nerves in the patient with diabetic neuropathy. He received his PhD from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands on March 6, 2007.

Dr. Shih, of Head to Toe Healthcare, is committed to improving & restoring sensation to neuropathic feet.  He has completed the Lower Extremity Peripheral Nerve Surgery advanced training in Baltimore, that is accredited by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and directed by A. Lee Dellon, MD, PhD - Professor of Plastic Surgery & Neurosurgery, John Hopkins School of Medicine.  There are roughly 220 surgeons worldwide who have received this training.  Dr. Shih is a Fellow of the American Association of Lower Extremity Peripheral Nerve Surgeons.

Dr. Alan Shih
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