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Glasses and Contacts

Bring your life into focus!

Did you know that more than 6 in 10 of Americans wear some kind of corrective lenses, at least some of the time? Many people struggle with blurry vision, astigmatism, and other vision problems that can be corrected by contacts or glasses. However, far too many people either:

  • Don’t have glasses or contacts even though they need them
  • Don’t have the correct prescription for their glasses or contacts, or
  • Don’t wear their glasses or contacts because they’re uncomfortable or unstylish.

At Head to Toe Healthcare, we’re here to fix that! Let’s get you a comfortable, attractive set of corrective lenses that keep you looking sharp—in more ways than one.


Bring Your Life Into Focus!

Select, Pick Up, and Order in Office

We dispense and order glasses and contacts right from our office—you can even go straight from the exam room to the store. That’s convenience!

Glasses and Frames

We carry a wide selection of frames to suit any taste, whether you’re looking for designer fashion or a more classic look. We’re happy to help you pick out a pair that looks great on your face! Of course, we’ll also carefully fit and adjust them as well. That way, when you walk out our door, you’re already set with the perfect frames and the perfect fit.

We also proudly carry TruFocals, a breakthrough technology that allows you to adjust the focus of your lenses seamlessly using a hidden slider at the top of the frame. You can select between near, mid, and far vision instantly, rather than carrying separate pairs of glasses or resorting to bifocals or trifocals.

Contact Lenses

We order contact lenses for our patients every week, and can even have them shipped directly to your home! (You can also pick them up at our office instead, if that’s what you’d prefer.) Most of the time your contacts are available within 2-3 days of ordering.

Whether you need rigid or soft, daily or extended wear, permanent or disposable, multifocal, gas permeable, or even the type you can sleep in, we’ve got you covered.

Eye Check Up

Is It Time for New Pair?

If you have any concerns about your vision—even if you already have glasses or contacts—you should always schedule a checkup. It could be that your prescription has changed, or it could be that you’re suffering from an acute condition. The earlier these are addressed and treated, the better for the long-term health of your vision.

We also recommend that you get a comprehensive eye exam at least once every two years—sometimes more frequently if you have a history of vision problems. You rely on your eyes for nearly every activity you perform, which is why eye exams are a critical component of overall health. This allows us to identify the signs of eye disease early, while keeping you up to date with prescriptions that offer you the best possible visual acuity.

To schedule an appointment for an exam, give us a call today at (520) 545-0202, or toll free at (888) 219-1982. Feel free to drop in and check out our frames, too!

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