Treatment of Morton's Neuroma using Percutaneous Electrocoagulaiton

Finney W, Wiener SN, Catanzariti F.

A new Modality for treating Morton's neuroma was introduced and performed by the authors, using a nerve lesion generator.  Seventy-nine lesions were evaluated by obtaining the patients' responses to three questions.  By rating their symptoms on a 0 - 5 scale both before and after the neurectomy, the patients showed a 56% reduction in symptoms.  With a gone-improved-same-worse rating, the patients responded with 25%, 46%, 24%, and 5% in each respective category.  The overall assessment of the procedure by the patients yielded 68% pleased and 32% not pleased.  An average of 4 hr was missed from work following the neurectomy, and only 20% of the patients required mild analgesics. 

J Am Podiatric Med Asso.  79(12):615-618, 1989.
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