Treatment of Neuropathy

Patients with neuropathy often suffer from burning, tingling and aching in their feet and legs. This disease is becoming very prevalent due to the increasing numbers of diabetics, obesity, and malnutrition. Patients often become very discouraged with this disease and begin to wonder if there is any hope of recovery.

Neurological problems are some of the most challenging medical problems encountered by physicians and patients alike, with the diagnosis and treatment plans rarely being straightforward. This is why we are constantly striving to increase our knowledge and ability to treat neuropathy, learning the latest advances & treatment options.

Surgical Management:
One of the world's foremost experts in peripheral nerve surgery, Dr. A. Lee Dellon, MD, from Johns Hopkins University, is a pioneer in the field of neuropathy and peripheral nerve surgery. He has developed surgical procedures that can alleviate neuropathic pain, numbness and muscular disorders in both diabetics and non-diabetics.

Conservative Treatment:
Although surgery has made a large impact, conservative treatment is usually attempted first. New dietary supplements, oral, topical, & injectable medications are being used to increase the oxygen supply to the diseased nerves and help "wake them up". Patients are regaining sensation in their legs and feet after being completely numb and very prone to forming open wounds and infections. Many patients are beginning to feel relief from years of pain, numbness and muscle weakness with these conservative treatments.


TREATMENT: Surgical Management

Dellon Decompression

In the past, neuropathy was approached as a painful disease state for which symptoms could only be masked, but could rarely be cured. Some doctors subscribe to the theory that the nerve dies from the effects of neuropathy, and that the only treatment is to mask the pain and live with the disease.

We now know that the nerve is not dead, but has poor conducting abilities, similar to that of a short in electrical wiring. This is caused by compression around and within the nerves. This compression is much like that seen in carpal tunnel syndrome where the hands experience numbness, tingling and burning due to compress of the wrist nerve. In fact, if the compression continues long enough within the carpal tunnel, loss of muscular strength will also occur.

The Dellon Decompression is an exciting new treatment option for patients that suffer from peripheral neuropathy, drop foot and neuritis. This procedure was developed by Dr. A. Lee Dellon, a Plastic Surgeon from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

This has truly been a revolutionary procedure that has helped thousands of patients.

The surgical procedure for lower extremity neuropathy is similar to that done for carpal tunnel, by relieving pressure in the legs, ankles and feet. Studies have found that by performing a surgical nerve decompression, 80% of all patients have good to excellent relief of their neuropathic pain or numbness.

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