Diagnostic Testing

We feel the most important part of the patient visit is the history and physical exam. This time allows us to become familiar with the patient and their problems. No diagnostic modality can compare to a thorough history and physical examination.

In order to thoroughly diagnose and treat each patient we have on-site neurodiagnostic equipment:

pssdThe Pressure Specified Sensory Device (PSSD) is the most accurate way of testing the lower extremity for sensory deficits. The PSSD is one of the best sensory measuring devices available that can quantify and record both specific peripheral nerve threshold levels and peripheral nerve innervation density (which reflects axonal degeneration). The PSSD is able to quantify pathologic changes at subclinical levels and is pain free.



nerve conductionWe also use nerve conduction velocity equipment, which is particularly useful in differentiating between lower back pathology, radiculopathy and distal motor/sensory neuropathies. This device has a specificity of 90% and sensitivity of 86%. It is well tolerated by patients and is comparable to the traditional NCV/EMG testing.

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