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OrthoticsHave you been suffering from foot pain, high arches or flat feet most of your life, but thought you couldn't do anything about it? Think again. The majority of foot problems are related to skeletal imbalance, which can put undue stress on the feet. This leads to pain in the ankles, legs, knees, hips, and back. Does this sound familiar? If so, orthotics might be the answer for you. Orthotics is simply the use of custom-made foot supports that are worn under the heel and the arch of the foot. These clever devices help to realign your foot, which can give you better knee, hip, and back alignment, taking the strain off your feet. Relief could be just a phone call away - give Dr. Alan Shih at Head to Toe Healthcare a call to schedule an exam today! 

Heel and nerve pain 

Think about your heels for a moment. Imagine the pounding they take, day after day, as we walk, run, and stand for extended amounts of time. If you are suffering from heel pain, these movements are excruciating. There are many causes of heel pain, including plantar fasciitis and heel bumps, but there are some tell-tale signs that signal a need to visit a podiatrist. These include pain on the bottom or back of the heel, pain that increases when you stand up, and pain that worsens over a few months. Or perhaps you have noticed a constant tingling sensation in your feet. If so, it could mean you suffer from nerve pain, caused by pinched nerves in your feet. Dr. Alan Shih has received extensive training to treat these conditions. If you are suffering from this type of pain, call Head to Toe Healthcare today for an appointment.

Ingrown and fungal nails 

Ingrown and Fungul NailsIf going barefoot sends cold shivers down your spine for fear of revealing your ingrown or yellowed fungal toenails, Head to Toe Healthcare has the answer to your problems. Painful ingrown toenails are caused by part of your nail pressing into the skin of your toe. This happens for many reasons, including improper nail trimming, shoes that do not fit correctly, heredity, or fungus. Fungal nails are caused by an infection, which can turn the nail yellow or give it an odd shape. Treatments include medication, either oral or topical, or removal of the diseased nail. A 15 minute in-office procedure can address your ingrown nail permanently.  Make an appointment with Dr. Alan Shih at Head to Toe Healthcare today to discuss your options.

Sports medicine and running injuries 

Whether or not you think of yourself as athletic, the fact is if you lead an active life, you put yourself at risk for sports-related injuries. Daily activity is an important factor in improving your health, but you must do it safely. Poorly-fitting footwear, exercising on hard surfaces, and overdoing exercise can all lead to sports injuries. If you have suffered an injury to your feet or ankles due to exercise, you may need to be evaluated by a podiatrist. Give Dr. Alan Shih a call today to schedule an appointment.


Reconstructive surgery (bunions, hammertoes, spurs, bumps, etc.) 

Sometimes problems with the feet or ankles can't be corrected by orthotics or other conservative treatments. If you are experiencing persistent pain or a malformation of the feet that doesn't respond to non-surgical treatments, it may be time to consider reconstructive surgery. As with any surgery, it is important to have an experienced doctor you can trust. At Head to Toe Healthcare, you can rest assured that Dr. Alan Shih will do a thorough evaluation of your medical history and current physical condition before exploring surgical options. Give him a call today to get yourself back on the path to a healthy, active lifestyle.

Sprains and fractures 

Sometimes the most painful injuries can happen when we are doing the most mundane chores. Perhaps you were walking to the mailbox when you tripped and sprained your ankle. Or maybe you were taking the dog for a quick run when you suffered a fracture in one of your feet. It can be frustrating to be sidelined by such common activities! Don't let your recovery time take even longer by ignoring these injuries. How do you know if it's time to visit a podiatrist? In the case of sprains, ligaments around the ankle have been stretched or torn. If the pain is limiting your movements, it's time to see a podiatrist. Fractures are a break in the bone, which leads to pain, swelling and redness. An exam must be performed to diagnose this injury. In most cases, sprains and fractures can be treated by non-surgical means. Dr. Alan Shih at Head to Toe Healthcare is very experienced in treating these injuries. Don't be sidelined for one more day - give him a call for an exam and to explore treatment options!