Hear what our patients have to say about their care at: Head to Toe Healthcare, PLC.

"I have been 80% pain free... this is almost a miracle!"


"It has been a really amazing experience. Not only is the staff extremely friendly, very helpful. Dr. Shih really listens to what your needs are. He gives you several options on any kind of cure you need"


"When I was younger I used to wear cowboy boots, for most of my life. From that I ended up with a problem with ingrown toenails. I've been to other specialists to try to take care of that because it hurt so bad, and the experience wasn't pleasurable at all. I had tried Dr. Shih, and my experience with Dr. Shih was fantastic. He never hurt me one bit... he listens, he takes everything into consideration and it was a great experience."


"I bought orthotics about two years ago and they are the best thing I have ever used. If I could have a pair for each one of my shoes I would."


"I initially came into the office because I had a third toe on my left foot that was very red and swollen. The doctor did an MLS laser treatment and that really helped a lot. It took away the redness and all of the swelling."


"The first time I met Dr. Shih, he walked into the room and I said, 'He's a young guy, I don't know if I need him to do anything with me. But he turned out to be very, very competent. The surgery was successful and I feel no pain. He does exemplary work and I would recommend anyone to him because he is great."


"Dr. Shih's surgery on my gout ridden toe relieved all of my pain. The surgery was rather simplistic but it reshaped my deformed toe, removed the gout crystals and relief was immediate after the surgery."


"For years I was having problems with my hammer toe, and when it got to the point where I couldn't wear shoes because of blisters on my toes I finally decided to get it taken care of. I had an appointment with Dr. Shih and I have been happy ever since. It was a great appointment, it was a good operation and a pleasant experience."


"I'm a patient of Dr. Shih. I'm a week out after a bunion surgery and I think he did a fine job. I would recommend him to friends and my daughter-in-law wants to come to see him already, she met him at the hospital."


"I had laser treatment on my right foot, and it's much better immediately. The bad ingrown toenail on my left foot was fixed and cut down and cleaned up. I've been pain free there for the first time in quite a long time. I was very happy with the service and the results."


"I was here for a fracture bone in my right foot and an ingrown toenail on my right index toe. I was treated very well here. The doctor is very precise on what he is going to do and very articulate on how it's going to be handled. The staff here is very friendly. My whole experience with Head To Toe has been great. I'd recommend them to any of my friends and family."


"I came to Head To Toe to have a toe fungus issue checked out. The people here were absolutely wonderful and it worked. They gave me the laser treatment and I had no problem after that. Dr. Shih is wonderful."


"Doing treatments at Head To Toe for my feet and legs have helped me very much. I have noticed a big difference. I would recommend everybody to get these treatments."


"I have a toe on each foot that has been a problem. I just had the left toe operated on Thursday. It was very, very easy. By Monday I was actually back in the gym doing upper body workout and it was not uncomfortable at all. It now has no pain and a lot of motion."


"I went from walking on broken glass and rocks to having the majority of my pain go away. Neuropathy took away my life and independence, but Dr. Shih is helping me get my confidence and life back."


"I came to see Dr. Shih about 6 weeks ago because I was having trouble with my left ankle. Dr. Shih was immediately able to help with laser treatment. It helped alleviate the pain and I was able to walk normally. I'm really pleased with the services I received."


"I came to see Dr. Shih with discolored nails. He suggested I have a laser treatment on my nails. Six months later I've been very happy with the results."


"I came here with foot pain and was diagnosed with foot neuropathy. I had suffered for many years and was recommended a laser treatment so I decided go ahead and do it and had several sessions. It has helped tremendously, I don't have nearly as much pain as I used to and I am almost normal. I recommend it."


"I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet. I came for my first treatment last week and I noticed when I got home that I had more sensitivity in my feet. I was kind of blown away by how much more sensitive my feet felt. It had been so long since they'd had any feeling."


"I came to Dr. Shih because I had the worst pains in my feet and I was certain there was something in my foot. He looked at them and there was some callouses that he took care of, but it was an absolute miracle what he did with my feet."


Patient discusses her experience following surgery for a painful foot joint.  She was happy to report that her active vacation plans were not hindered with her foot following surgery (a few months).

Active tennis player discusses her Achilles tendon injury and advanced non-surgical treatment with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) that allowered her to avoid surgery and return to full activity.