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Dr Shih,

Thank you for the follow up about my surgery. I am doing great after the surgery. I am no longer in pain and I have full strength back to my right foot. This is remarkable since it had been about 8 years that I started experiencing foot pain. After seeing 4 different foot doctors over the years and getting several orthotics I still had pain. The shoe inserts helped but did not fix the problem. 

After the surgery I can wear any shoe type and do any activity I want. I am 48 years old and I hike long and hard now. Thank You!

I am glad you had the technical expertise to find the real problem with the foot pain and not just tell me to wear another shoe insert. As an Engineer I respect that level of competence in finding the root cause of the problem and not just working on the symptom.

I would like to thank your office staff. They were at all times very friendly and helpful.

Thanks again,
Bruce Parraga